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So you’re considering having a garden room built within the grounds of your home ? Have you decided why you would like this garden room ? Is it as an extra area for your teenage children to play their video games or have a space of their own, but be close to you so you feel they are safe. Are you looking to build a home office so you can work peacefully and concentrate from home with no noise or interruption ? Are you simply looking for additional space to entertain friends and family? Perhaps you’re thinking about building your own home gym where you can work out close at home and not worry about being around other people, or are you considering building a separate space from your home that has its own small kitchen and bathroom that you can use as a guest area when relatives come to stay


 You see we have had all these conversations with people before and because of our experience in building such dwellings we are able to offer you one of the best services and garden rooms in Buckhurst Hill, in fact we feel in the whole of Essex, that will not only give you the additional space you require, but will also morph into a building that will become part of your main home giving you the design, build quality and freedom you desire. Cubo build exquisite garden rooms in Buckhurst Hill. Call Us Today on 01277 729656. With our expertise we can advise you on the best materials to utilize for your garden room to generate an exceptional look and finish within the grounds of your garden. Take a look at our garden room sizes.

our garden rooms in BUCKHURST HILL

Why Not Customise Your Garden Room in Buckhurst Hill

Our past and most recent projects have included cinema rooms for clients, actual designer bars and we have sculptured the gardens to incorporate their garden room providing a tranquil space for relaxation and also for entertainment. so please use our knowledge and experience by having a conversation with us as we know we can provide you and build for you a spectacular garden room, garden office or garden gym for your home. We can also add your specific requirements whether it be decking perhaps a hot tub on that decking or even a kitchen area built with your own pizza oven and barbecue area. If you would like your garden room clad to match your house or to morph into your garden with the trees and plants why not clad in cedar ?

What Are The Benefits To Building A Garden Room?

There are many benefits to building a garden room, we have listed some below that you may not have thought of ;


  • It’s an asset that can add value to your property
  • Cubo use only sophisticated building systems, built to last.
  • If you need additional space it saves on your moving costs
  • More versatile than a conservatory
  • Numerous uses for leisure or business
  • Can be used all-year round
  • Saves the costs of Commercial Rent if working from home
  • May be business tax deductible in certain cases


I’m sure if you are discussing building a garden room you are looking at some of the points above or maybe we have thought of some that have now persuaded you to call us. You can read more about the benefits of a garden room.

Get in Contact

So hopefully if you have read this far we have got your garden room ideas flowing, are you thinking of a hot tub on a decked area or maybe a cinema style room with a customised bar to entertain in the summer months, call us today as we would be more than happy to listen and advise the number is 01277 729656 or contact us through our website.