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Cubo Garden Room specialise in the design and construction of bespoke garden rooms and studios in Chelmsford, Essex. If you are looking for an additional room within your home environment to either use as a work or relaxation area all year round or you have maxed out the extension space in the main body of the home, then we can certainly help you to create more additional useable space with our exquisite garden rooms and garden studios.


Perhaps you’re thinking of moving home because you need additional space well why not utilise the space in your garden and add a garden room . A garden room offers functionality to become a dwelling, we build anything from a basic garden room in Chelmsford to a full blown studio flat in your garden depending on the size and what you are looking to achieve. You have the option to create a garden room, a garden office, maybe your own personal gym or family room. The choice is yours but we can guide you throughout the whole process. There are many options, but not only will a garden building give you the additional space that you need, but it will also add value to your home and offer you an additional opportunity of a room that you can use all year round.

our garden rooms in chelmsford

Use Your Garden Room in Chelmsford All Year Round

Garden rooms offer wonderful functionality for your home you can use them just as a leisure building in the summer months or we can add a power supply to your garden room and you can use them in the winter months as an office or a gaming studio for the kids or maybe nowadays after the pandemic even a gym for yourself. Some people create yoga retreats or an art studio at the bottom of the garden, perhaps just a tranquil space for somewhere to sit and think and even meditate or possibly you’re looking for a home office where you don’t need to commute anymore and you can utilise the space in your garden to create an additional outbuilding or maybe you’re looking for a self-contained unit in your garden where you can have essentially a studio flat at the bottom of the garden you could rent this out or it might be somewhere where a relative will want to live and stay there close by if they are elderly, this the wonderful thing about the garden room and the functionality and endless possibility it brings to your life.


Here are Cubo garden rooms in Chelmsford we create luxury rooms for your home, these give you additional space to utilise in the cold winter months but also they add value to your home, perhaps you’ve got two teenagers who are mad on gaming and get really excited and noisy, maybe you just want somewhere to put them, down the bottom of the garden where their safe, have their own space where their friends can visit and they can play to their hearts content, feeling that they have their own independence, but you know they are safe nearby.


We have even built Garden rooms in Chelmsford that are effectively studio flats. If you have the room these offer a multitude of options. We can add showers, bathrooms, kitchens and create something you can rent out full time or use as an Airbnb short term stay to create some additional income. Do ask us for more details on this as we have also designed Garden Rooms for relatives to live in who you want close by to look after, but who still want their own space and independence.

Why Choose Cubo Garden Rooms?

We take great pride in designing and building your garden room, in fact we can even draw up the plans for you, saving you time and money, but we will work with you and listen to your ideas and add in our own thoughts and suggestions around your design brief.


Our garden studios use only the highest quality materials that are also environmentally friendly and we can insulate your garden room and add power to it so that you can enjoy it all year round.


By working for such a customer friendly company you can expect the following benefits;

· A well-built garden room fit for your requirements for now and the future.

· 3D CAD image designs to demonstrate the look of your garden Room

· 10 year structural guarantee on all builds

· A stunning finish that will complement the surrounding landscape.

· The opportunity to select interior paint, flooring, plug points & lighting included within the price

· The opportunity to design your own tranquil space with a professional company.

Get in Contact

To find out more information about our bespoke garden rooms in Chelmsford, do feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page on this website or by calling 01277 729656. One of our representatives will be happy to speak with you about your ideas and arrange a site visit with you to discuss your thoughts and plans.