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Welcome to Cubo Garden Rooms… I assume you are looking at our website as you’re interested in adding a garden room in Loughton to your home or a garden office, or possibly even a garden gym? This may be because you’re looking for more space or perhaps you want to utilise the space in your garden throughout the year rather than just for a few months of the year. Everyone we build a garden room for have these initial thoughts, here at Cubo we help to clarify them for you and to make these thoughts a reality. Giving you the quality of life you desire and making your ideas become reality.

Cubo Garden Rooms have been building garden rooms for people for a number of years across the Essex area, we are a company that has grown and expanded from being a residential builder and branched out into garden rooms initiated with the increased demand during the pandemic period when many people were looking to work from home, but Just didn’t simply have the space for the quiet areas they needed to carry out their daily work. Please have a look at or garden room pricing structure.

our garden rooms in Loughton

Your Reasons For Adding A Garden Room

So we assume you’re considering a garden room in Loughton for your home for one of the following reasons;

  1. You’re looking to add space to your home, but you’re unable to extend or maybe you can extend, but you would like a garden space that you can use all year round.
  2. Your children are now teenagers and they need their own space to entertain their friends where you know they can be safe, but they can also feel a bit independent and you think a garden room might be the best solution for them at least you know where they are.
  3. Maybe you’ve decided you would like a home gym where you can work out in your own area whenever you want to away from other people and have your own personal space …perhaps you’re looking to use this as a yoga studio or even maybe you’re looking to have a music room or an art studio within your garden.

Why Choose Cubo Garden Rooms?

Whatever the reason Cubo Garden Rooms can certainly help build you the garden room of your dreams, that is beautiful, functional and practical. We use the latest building technique and technology where we incorporate piling into the ground adding stability with steel frames to our garden rooms. We can also integrate your garden room for all year use as well as providing the electrical works. We have even added bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets and even kitchenettes into some of the larger garden rooms we have constructed, so again feel free to give us a call or contact us through our website to detail your ideas and what you’re looking for we have over 20 years of building experience to aid you in designing a really lovely garden room space that also looks great on the outside as well as functional on the inside . Do have a look at the benefits of adding a garden room to your property.

Get in Contact

Feel free to call us today on 01277 729656 for an initial conversation and do have a look at our Facebook page where you can see our garden rooms being constructed before your very eyes, plus you can see how we can add decking areas, hot tub hubs, even BBQ outdoor kitchens all adjoined to your garden room structure, you are only limited by your imagination .. if your dream it we can design and build it ! or feel free to contact us.

Don’t forget garden rooms constructed properly will add value to your home as in essence you are adding more space, so when your considering your garden room in Loughton think of it as an investment in your lifestyle and your families future.